Bold Thoughtful Humans

Anthem Films is a collective of bold filmmakers, producers and artists who all share a driving impulse to create.We make content about people, for people, with good people. Our inspiration is you. At Anthem Films, our main goal is to create content inspired by the human condition. We believe in unique characters, diverse stories and visual feasts that impress upon our viewers. We aim to make everything we touch raw, dynamic and affecting.

The Team

DJay Brawner


DJay Brawner is a Chicago born, San Francisco native, and current Los Angeles resident. His soul filled with the desire to rock, he toured the United States in a terrible Ska Punk Band. Ready for the next level, he toured Europe in his much better Punk Band. Next, he ran NewBandTV for 3 years, setting the internet on fire with a syndicated music video channel and hours of never seen again content. He is quite sarcastic and dishes out a lot of shit, but you’ll find he can’t take any shit himself. It’s a double standard, and DJay is sorry, but not sorry about it. His career in film started as a PA working on the sets of his favorite bands. Now, DJay is producing or directing projects for his favorite bands, brands, and actors. That’s what’s up! As exciting as the hustle is, it just wasn’t enough, and something was missing. That was until the birth of his daughter Brixton (named after a Clash song). To supplement the amount of energy he requires to balance a 1-year-old daughter and Anthem films, DJay ingests Mexican Food at least 8 times a week and has an IV of cold-brew stuck in his veins.

Nicole Swedlow

General Manager/Controller

While some know her as Nicole Swedlow the hip cats at UC Davis remember her prolific run as music wizard DJ Dorothy Gale, host of a late night music show on the college’s local radio station. Nicole left her alter ego behind and filled the void with knowledge of Star Wars, Harry Potter and a never-ending love for her dog Elsie. In her downtime between feeding her coffee and travel addictions, Nicole can be found telling the driest of jokes known to the human race. Nicole Swedlow is a reader, a scholar on ska music and most importantly a really radical friend and person.

Blake Greenbaum

Executive Producer

Blake Greenbaum was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Ever since he was a boy, Blake has always dreamt of the big city life. With 3 bucks, 2 bags, and 1 Blake, he hit the road to make his dreams come true. His journey has brought him all around the world enriching his soul with culture “Eat. Pray. Love.” style. Blake spent two years living abroad in Rome where he became a fluent speaker of Italian. With his time in Italy, he explored his love for cooking as an amateur chef; learning how to cook dishes such as gnocchi, eggplant parmigiana, and Tiramisu. Abroad, his German citizenship allows him to say “deuces” to his fellow Americans and utilize the less crowded European citizen line at customs. Back in the States, Blake’s first job in entertainment was as a PA on The Wire (his favorite show to this very day). Want to meet Blake for coffee?! Keep in mind, Blake only expects the best of the best when it comes to coffee (but he’s not a snob about it).

May Iosotaluno

Creative Executive Producer

May Iosotaluno’s father once told her that her name means “little sister, lonely moon”, and ever since — she’s never been more on brand. Born and raised in the city of Angels, May is inherently cultured, chic, and chill. Some say she peaked in high school when she was on the Oprah show for winning an essay contest, but May was just getting started. After graduating USC Film School, she made her mark in the art department at Pixar in the bay area (represent). Like a whisper in the wind, May heard LA calling for her return, so she joined the content team at Snapchat. To fuel her wanderlust, May made a promise to herself to travel every year. Most recently, she’s explored Patagonia, Vietnam, Shanghai, Berlin, and Japan (just to name a few). As an ice breaker, her go-to facts include her inability to whistle or swim well… which eerily resembles Kate Winslet a la Rose circa Titanic #neverletgojack.

Paul Giacomazzi

Jr. Creative Director

Pauly Giacomazzi is an OG ‘93 Leo, Cancer cusp, and that’s about as relevant as it gets. The youngest with three older sisters, Paul suffers from “youngest child syndrome” which means he’s highly social, confident, creative, and adept at getting others to do things for him. Growing up in Gilroy, CA, Paul is haunted by the question, “have you ever been to the Gilroy Garlic Festival?!” The answer: Once, and he hated it. Sprinting from his garlic heritage, Paul moved to Los Angeles to chase his dreams of living in the big city. Since then, he’s made it his mission to embody his millennial hipster truth. This means: Coffee, black. Whiskey, neat. Floral shirts and floral IPAs. Living in an instagram filtered world, Paul’s always chasing the light for an urban photo shoot. Wanna hang? You can catch Paul at any karaoke bar singing his heart out to “Semi-Charmed Life” by the Third Eye Blind.

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