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Fledgling food critic, Mike Postalakis, is writing a book about the Los Angeles food scene, and why he's at it he is filming his own food show. The problem is, Mike thinks he needs to wear a horse mask to hide his identity from the people serving him food. The Horse's Mouth is a show with in a show and a show about a show. Mike's girlfriend Eloise becomes dissatisfied with Mike selfishness and obsession over his show. While Mike goes further down the rabbit-hole, and even begins seeing an unknown man in an elephant's mask, he doesn't even notice Eloise drifting away.

* * *

Written & Created By Mike Postalakis & James Greer

Directed By Djay Brawner & Mike Postalakis

Produced By Gabriel Younes, May Iosotaluno, DJay Brawner, Mike Postalakis, and Nicole Swedlow

Original Score By Mark Yaeger

Executive Producer DJay Brawner

Director of Photography Kyle Fallon

Edited By Chris “Fleck” Hernandez

* * *

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